1. So, bad reaction means dead suspect, lost intel, but looks good on the news. Most realistic video ever.

  2. After watching that I feel really awkward about being into shooting guns well. That was so lame that it might have just made rollerblading seem cool. Wow.

  3. I didn’t hear them once announce they were Police. You can’t easily see that their gear says “sheriff” either because it was subdued. Seems the guy has a right to defend himself. A bunch of armed guys jump out of a minivan armed……no “stop police….” nothing..

  4. Just because somebody wears something that states: “police or sheriff” or they say: “stop police”, doesn’t guarantee that they are. There are stories in the news every year about impostor officers. Granted, it is usually one person working alone, not a group and they usually take advantage of women.

  5. I can’t see how rushing into that room with two guys covering the entry ways could be tactically sound. If it was part of an action movie I would love it and say it is better than Hollywood’s usual crap.

  6. As a full-throated 2A supporter, daily CCW practitioner, veteran, and competitive shooter I appreciate what Costa has done for the training community, but I am really scratching my head on this video.

    What is the purpose of this shooting video? Is the goal to sell the various pieces of “kit”, along with the rifles/pistols? Is he trying to boost his already well established training creds? Is this supposed to be a shout out to all of the LEOs as a support piece? Frankly, it had the feel of a movie trailer, a la “Act of Valor”. Is this the beginning of an acting/directing career……go for it. Make “Heat” or “Ronin” from the perspective of real shooters; good on you, Chris.

    My only concern, however, is the perception by those individuals who are ambivalent about 2A rights/issues. The anti-2A people don’t matter, “Eff-em”. My gut feeling upon watching this was to wonder how people that don’t shoot, don’t live “tactically”, and have never had a reason to own/carry a firearm will view shooters. Will they view this and think, “these guys just want to run around mowing people down”?

    I have to agree with some of the preceding comments regarding the lack notification regarding police/sheriff status. Just because dude has a tactical vest and a patch doesn’t mean he’s legitimate LEO. Costa blows into that final room like it’s Utah Beach or Iwo Jima…….really? I haven’t been “first” on a stack in years, but if I’m pursuing my neighborhood pusher-man after he’s been launching death-slugs at me in a room-to-room or CQB scenario, I might pause before I “John Wayne” it into the next room. Costa does, however, score major cool-points for what appears to be the dick shot (ouch!) on the guy hammering the AK!

    Again, Costa is a serious trainer and I respect his experience and teaching, but I’m really at a loss to understand this video. What am I missing?

    To sum up my little bitch-rant, my concern revolves around how firearms are used and viewed as legitimate tools of self-defense rather than as an afternoon game of “Call of Duty”. If we, in the 2A community, don’t treat the application of righteous violence with the seriousness it deserves, how can expect our fellow citizens to take our arguments seriously? I also think it’s a HUGE mistake for US civilian LEOs to be viewed, or actually executing, Fallujah style CQB scenarios unless absolutely necessary. I’m starting to tilt toward agreeing with those that we (US police agencies) are militarizing our police forces; it drives a wedge between citizens and their under-appreciated local LEO.

    I think it’s a mistake to validate the anti-gun bastards view that anyone with a Red Rider BB gun is a maniacal murder-bot just waiting to launch projectiles on a school full of orphans and nuns while feeding kittens, puppies, and other cute & cuddly critters.

    I didn’t mean for this to be such a long piece, but there it is. Poke holes in my reasoning as needed….it’s time for me to change my tampon now;-)

    Semper Fi,

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