Sure, the gun control didn’t work THIS time, but it will! We promise!

You have no idea how difficult it is to type something up that isn’t just swear words at this point. Courtesy of the NRA Facebook page I was led down the rabbit hole to this magnificent article, wherein one of the people who pushed a bunch of new gun control laws in Colorado following the Newtown shooting said:

“So things like universal background checks, I think they are going to make us safer, but in this specific case aren’t going to make a difference at all…”

***CENSORED*** me.

Let’s all hop aboard my way-back machine (or Tardis, if you’re into that sort of thing) and revisit what Governor Hickenlooper said not even a year ago. He said that expanded background checks were necessary to stop guns from getting into the hands of bad people, and that magazine limits were necessary because standard capacity magazines:

“have the potential to turn killers into killing machines.”

So now, a few months after he signed the legislation that infringes on the rights of Colorado citizens there’s another incident and he admits that what pro-gun people said the whole damned time was right all along. The conclusion you’re forced to draw is that the legislation pushed after Newtown and Aurora were not, in fact, about stopping mass shootings. They were just a convenient excuse to pass gun control. Specifically measures which had absolutely no bearing on the events which he and those of his ilk were holding up as reasons to pass the legislation. When reality nicely demonstrates the absolute fiction of the policy proposals and the propaganda he used to push it, he makes a brief acknowledgement that, you know, it didn’t do anything here…here in exactly the sort of thing he claimed it was going to stop…but that everybody was still much safer. Sure, he can’t actually articulate how any of it contributes to increasing safety, but he’s certain it is and you can absolutely trust him because, you know, he’s a politician. Those guys never lie!

This is the Pollyanna refrain of gun control. Something terrible happens somewhere and a bunch of people with boiling grudges against the idea of firearms freedom run to the scene and splash around in the blood in front of the cameras, wearing sackcloth and ashes and weeping about how we need to pass X legislation to stop this thing from happening. Then the horrible thing happens again, exactly the thing they said the laws were supposed to stop, but they assure you that either it’s going to work one day or what we really need to do is double down on what has already been proven as a failure.

Meanwhile Wayne LaPierre gets treated like some sort of social pariah to the point where people wish him dead for saying that these idiot laws won’t accomplish anything productive and gets laughed at for suggesting the one ***CENSORED*** thing that prevented Arapahoe from being a blood soaked killing field. When put on the spot even a scoundrel like Hickenlooper is forced to admit his proposals are an utter failure, irrelevant to stopping the acts of violence he used as justification to pass this nonsense and yet somehow he’s still a respectable figure and the NRA is still the bad guy. How the hell does that work???

There’s nothing remotely honest, sincere, or noble about those who are pushing for gun control. If they had a point they wouldn’t need to try and soak everything they want to get done in the blood of innocent victims to try and generate some momentum. They wouldn’t blithely pull the Little Orphan Annie routine and insist that their failed policies will really work tomorrow, someday, maybe when confronted with the cold hard reality of their utter failure to accomplish anything useful today. Honest people would examine their actions and the results of their policy proposals and maybe actually learn a damn lesson when what they said originally proves to be untrue. Only in politics can you be completely, utterly, inexcusably wrong about reality so often and yet still have a job and credibility. If your weatherman predicted record highs and it turned out to be a blizzard every bloody time he’d be mowing lawns. If you ordered a steak and your waitress brought you a salad every time, they’d be unemployed. If you went in for rotator cuff surgery and the doctor cut off your leg, he’d no longer be a doctor. Yet politicians routinely screw around with matters of life or death in complete ignorance, fouling it all to hell and face no consequences.

We all need to commit this moment to memory. We need to burn this into our brains good and hard so that the next time somebody splashing around in the aftermath of tragedy tries to insist we need to “compromise” with them we remember what their game is and refuse to play it. You don’t compromise with this sort of foolishness. You call out their idiocy for what it is, point out the manifest failures of their policy proposals, damn them for the scoundrels they are, and hold fast the line.





  1. Preach it! Never ever give an inch to these loons, they will walk a country mile all over you. Funny how people say it’s a slippery slope, when we say that they will pick apart our rights bit by bit…even funnier is that the slippery slope is real. Look at Great Britain! Look at Colorado! Look at these liberals who will outright lie to your face! And then join the NRA. Freedom needs teeth, and they are it.

  2. These words above are so true. Never give an inch to those loons. I can not think of a better way to put it. It’s simple ,but so very true.I spent some time the other evening at a Xmas get togeather saying that same sort of saying to two people i know.They just don’t seem to get it. I told them Booze , texting while driving,Automobile crashes, all of these things kill many more people each and every day. Never give up! never give in!

  3. magazine limits were necessary because standard capacity magazines:

    “have the potential to turn killers into killing machines.”

    Which is why Colorado Democrats

    (1) want the police to have them (to use against citizens) and

    (2) amended the magazine-limit bill so that Mag-Pul could continue manufacturer these murder-causing devices for sale in other states. Screw those kids. Colorado Democrats wanted the tax-revenue and manufacturing jobs provided by Mag-Pul. I was at that House hearing when the Mag-Pul CFO testified, and the bill was amended.

    By their own internal logic, Colorado Democrats want to profit from the murder of children in other states. If Colorado Republicans are smart — waits for the laughter to die down — they would make that a campaign slogan in 2014.

  4. “I make no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce
    violent crime, that is not the premise of the bill.”

    – Colorado Representative Claire Levy (D-Boulder) ( 1 min. 03 sec. )
    (via )

    Colorado Legislator On Guns – My Bill Doesn’t Really Do Anything.

    Published on Mar 7, 2013

    During the debate over gun control in Colorado a bill to eliminate legal concealed carry on college campuses was championed by its House sponsor, Rep. Claire Levy (D-Boulder). During the debate Rep. Cheri Gerou (R-Evergreen) introduced an amendment for the state to keep statistics on the increase or reduction of violent crime as a result of the bill’s potential passage. Rep. Levy took to the well to make sure that the other Reps were aware she “make(s) no assertion that this bill will either increase or reduce violent crime, that is not the premise of the bill”.

  5. The most infuriating thing about this, besides all the hypocrisy you pointed out, is the fact that those pushing for gun control are also standing in the way of us actually making schools safer. I’ve heard people argue that on duty police officers should not carry on school grounds. It seems to me that there is no such thing as a harmless idiot.

  6. I’m confused. Didn’t the gun control work in this case? 1 shot, zero dead (excepting the goblin). It wasn’t a mass shooting, just a shooting.

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