Speedloader relief cuts


I was working on my speedloader reload with the HKS speedloader that I mentioned previously and I noticed that some of the rounds were binding in the loader. To test the release, I held the loader with the rounds pointed down and turned the release, no binding issues. I screwed around a bit, and noticed that the HKS was contacting the side of the Crimson Trace grip, which would make the rounds stick in the loader.

I switched out the CTC grip for the stock Ruger grip which solved the problem. As you can see, the Ruger grip has a much deeper relief cut for a speedloader than the CTC grip. This makes me thinking that the binding issues I’d occasionally get with my Comp-III loaders were due to the grip I was using, and not an issue with the loader.

I’m going to keep working on the HKS speedloader reload with the factory Ruger grips on the gun; I’m also going to relieve the CTC grip so it works with all loaders. I’d only get binding every few reloads with the CTC, but it was enough to cause me trouble during matches. The CTC grip is better than the Ruger grip as a grip goes, but the reloading issue I’ve just now discovered means I’m going to have to down-check it until I can get out danny Dremel.


  1. Back in the day we had to either pick or modify grips so that our speedloaders worked. Common problem back in the day when everyone carried revolvers at work.

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