Gun Term of the day: Extra-Smedium

Extra-Smedium: A t-shirt size found exclusively in the firearms industry. An Extra-smedium shirt is designed to show off upper body definition and size but is baggy and shapeless around the waistline. The shapelessness at the waistline is perfect for concealing a firearm or the consequences of poor dietary decisions.

long sleeve 10-8 shirt

Some of the best extra-smedium shirts are made by the cool dudes at 10-8 Performance. I have several, and they come highly recommended. A word of caution though: if you wear an extra-smedium shirt and have a beard, people might think you’re ready to operate in operations, when the reality is you skipped cardio but still want people to think you’re ripped. And you’re too lazy to shave.

Other excellent retailers of extra-smedium shirts are ENDO, Hanes, and believe it or not, Target.


  1. thats all you people have to say about this? sheesh didnt know we we in church, this si the best idea ever

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