Daily Training Goals #32

Goal Recap for DTG for 08/08/2013

Run 5 miles – Fail. I basically failed all cardio last week.
Grip strength training – pass, worked with CoC grippers for 20 minutes
Dry fire reloads from concealment, 15 min – Pass, in that I did it. Reloads from concealment are kind of a doddle.

Some expansion grip training – last year, I was heavy into training with Captains of Crush grippers, and I was at the point where I could close a number 1 for three or four reps with my weak hand. I fell off the wagon, and when I was reviewing some highspeed video footage, noticed a bit more muzzle flip than I like. So I’m back on the training program with the CoC grippers. No more than twice a week, and I don’t do them on the same day that I do pullups.

DTG for 08/12/2013

  • Do 9 pullups, 80 pushups, 109 squats, and 197 crunches
  • Dry fire draws from concealment, 10 minutes
  • Dry fire shotgun reloads, 10 minutes

The number of crunches my training program is starting to throw at me is kind of silly.

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