Strike Back returns tonight on Cinemax

If you haven’t seen the awesome show Strike Back on Cinemax, you’re missing out. Here’s the plot in a nutshell: two dudes fly around the world shooting smelly badguys in the face with extreme prejudice. One of those dues also spends a lot of time..with the ladies.

damien scott first meme

If you’re a gun nut, you’ll love the show because the gunhandling is excellent. Yes, there are some definite moments where it’s obviously a tv show, but the actors seem to take their gun handling seriously, doing things like “using the sights” and “reloading” to ad an element of realism to the show. Strike Back is male escapist fantasy at its finest, and it’s easily my favorite show on TV.

Good writing, great gunhandling, superb action, and witty repartee between the main characters? Yes please. Check out the season premiere of Strike Back tonight on Cinemax at 10/9c!


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