Daily Training Goals #28

Goal Recap
Finish in the Top 5 at Area 3: Success.
Don’t have any penalties at Area 3 (no shoots, mikes, etc): fail, I had one miss.

Fun PT Stats: Ever since starting the simple PT program that allows me to actually work out regardless of where I am in the world (usually with Carmen Sandiego) I’ve been keeping some pretty detailed logs. I started the program on July 12, my 31st birthday. Here’s what I’ve done since then:

  • Miles run: 30
  • 343 pushups
  • 473 squats
  • 704 crunches
  • 12 pullups – I can only do pullups at home, since most hotels aren’t rigged for it. So I just started doing pull-ups on Monday.

DTG For 08/06/2013

  • Run 5 miles
  • 30 minutes dry fire practice: reloads from concealment
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