My Gun Guy Preference, Explained

gabby likes guns and the men that come with themRecently, I posted about and questioned, why I primarily date gun guys. Most of you have very good ideas and comments. Those comments kept me thinking for many days, until I came to this conclusion.

Guns are not like other hobbies. The government isn’t debating my right to garden. Nobody is worried about legislators taking away my right to cook. A crafting accident has never ended with someone fatally wounded (that I know of). Criminals are not using camping as technique to carry out illegal activities (again, as far as I am aware). However, by going to the gun range, owning a gun and enjoying shooting, I am throwing myself into a long list of heated issues.

Certain beliefs and traits are center around gun ownership. Generally speaking, gun ownership shows that I feel a certain way about preparedness. It also shows that I respect my self enough to take on my own self defense. Owning a tool that some Americans feel should be highly regulated or illegal, means that I fall clearly, on one side, (and not on the other) of that issue. These details alone, would rule out a large quantity of the single male population in Atlanta, as well as the country.

Then we should add, the fact that I don’t just own guns, but I believe strongly in training and regularly using these tools. This means that I respect the power that a firearm contains and I believe that ownership of a gun of a gun is a weighty responsibility. Again this would rule out a certain group of suitors. Finally, I am a woman who finds the sport of shooting, fun and empowering, and while I’m sure that speaks volumes about my psyche, it probably also categorizes me as a certain type of woman. A certain type of woman who only connects with a certain type of man.


  1. I completely agree with everything you have said. I figure I would prefer a gun guy because they aren’t going to condemn or judge me for my love of firearms and shooting. I have goals in mind that are along the lines of serious interest: always perfecting the skill (of course and going out regularly) but in a few years I would like to become a certified trainer so it’s not just a little hobby that I’m going to lose interest in. So far my search for a gun guy is proving to be a good one, in my short dating experience, I’ve only come across one guy that hated guns and the rest were probably just about as enthusiastic as myself. I took your advice and I did list it as an interest, I figured weed them out if they are totally against them. 😉

  2. Gun guys prefer gun girls who handle and sling their firearms *safely*.

    Please don’t treat your sling like a purse strap. You just sweep everyone around you as a result.

    Your photo above does not depict safe gunhandling, yet is in a position to convince the uninformed that this is normal and acceptable.

    Surely you have a better photograph?

    1. No magazine and I assume the bolt locked back? Sounds safe to me. BTW, IIRC this is exactly how the IDF carries their weapons.

        1. I’ll echo Fred’s comment. Look and see the chamber is open and empty with no mag in place either. Nice posed picture that reminded me of the IDF girls. You wear it well across the butt of the jeans … and I say that as a very happily married man with all the respect you deserve.

          1. BTW, my name is not really “Fred Briffle” in case you don’t get the “Laugh In” reference from ancient history :^).

  3. Great photo. Nice to see you know how to show you and your rifle looking good.
    Finding a gun girl that thinks like you would be awesome, I hope there are more like you out there in the world.
    Btw, I have only read a few of your posts, but I like your writing ( and thinking) style.

  4. Hold up, I’m FROM Atlanta, although I prefer the burbs because so many snotty trust fund hipsters infest the actual city. (Although I have to venture down periodically to see decent bands) I guess from that perspective, yes, most Atlanta city male population wouldn’t make the cut for you, but go 15 minutes OTP and every guy I know has a gun or guns (I’m talking Marietta here, not Jasper, ha ha ha). Hell, half the chicks do to for that matter. But I hear what your saying, I never dated any woman who was anti gun. There are just too many everyday politics that come up concerning them, and Id never be able to keep my trap shut (nor should I). Plus, I enjoy getting in range time, getting new guns, modifying and upgrading my existing ones, and I think even a tolerant non shooter would get jealous of the time I put into my weapons. (They all have girl’s name too, that would probably just add to the jealousy.)

  5. The photo above is just begging the question: does this AR make my butt look big?

    Of course the answer is no.

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