1. Caleb,
    Nice shooting. Video Questions-
    1. Any recoil reduction stuff done? Shooting “softer” hand loads? Different Springs? Factory gun specs? Factory 230gr ammo?

    2. Grip? Brian Enos – let the gun recoil freely you are the gun you are not the gun stare at the front sight but don’t miss all of the heavenly glory, or Bob Vogel captain of crush!?


    1. I was shooting Wilson Combat Match Ammo, a 200 grain HAP bullet at a 175 powerfactor. I think there’s a 15 pound spring in the gun, but I don’t recall to be honest. I’d have to check the specs.

  2. Can I ask why you safe the gun the way you do in the second and third strings, with the left hand index and middle fingers straddling the slide? Is it “just the way you do it” or is there a particular reason?

    1. Sure, it has to do with the ambidextrous safety. Engaging the safety by pulling up on both sides of the ambi means there’s less strain on the part than you’d get by just pushing up on the strong side. It probably doesn’t matter, and I do it mostly out of superstition than anything.

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