Daily Training Goals #25

Goal Review for DTG for 07/24/13

Dry fire reloads, 10 yards par 1.5 – pass, still struggling with this par
Trigger control – 25 reps no par – pass, worked on trigger control with the new Sig P226 SAO
Basic conditioning workout – pass
CoC training – pass

Good training day. Bored as hell with my current workout routine, but I needed something that will be accessible at home, in a Hampton Inn in Lake Wales, or Germany. I can’t have “gym dependent” workouts, so I had to reboot a lot of my training to fitness bands and PT. It’s lame, but I know it’ll ramp up.

DTG for 07/25/13

  • Get the range if time allows and work on live fire prep for Area 3
  • Run 5 miles

One of my big successes from Steel Challenge was in my mental game and incorporating visualization and self-talk into not just training, but actual match activity.

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  1. Cool to see you are shooting Area 3.
    I’m shooting Sat-Sunday. The crazy swinger is back from last year, it’s a monster.
    I’ll be there Friday Afternoon to break down stages, maybe I’ll run into you.

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