Daily Training Goals #20

Goal Review for DTG 07/02/2013

Draw fire 2 3×5 Card @ 10 yards (decreasing par) 12 reps – success, set new par to 2.50
iHack drill 4x at 5 yards – fail from the holster, pass from low ready
Dot Torture at 5 yards – Pass, 50/50 hits
1 r 2 @ 10 yards (decreasing par) 12 reps – pass, set new par to 2.30
Bill Drill 25 yards decreasing par (5 reps) – fail
Draw fire 2 8 inch circle @ 10 yards decreasing par 12 reps – Pass, set new par to 1.60
Run 5 miles or bike 10 miles – fail, ate a cheeseburger instead
Work mental training and focus statements back into live fire – sort of pass. I remembered to do it occasionally, but didn’t make it a real part of my training.

I was able to move all the par times down on my drills, although not much on the draw and fire two drills. When I was training a lot in 2011, I managed to get my time for 2 shots on a 3×5 card down to right around 2.00 seconds at 7 yards. My eventual goal is to be able to do it in 1.75 at 10, which would be about a 1.5 draw and a 0.25 split. I know those numbers are possible, they’re just going to take loads of practice. Drawing to two down zero hits is going to be tough for me to get under 1.5 for the time being. My draw to an open body target is consistently between 1.2 and 1.3, and my splits run from 0.17 at the fastest to 0.22 at the slowest. The goal here is a consistent 1.25 for the whole drill or better.

I am going to make a change to the training plan as well and move the 25 yard Bill Drill in to 15 yards. Right now it’s just an exercise in frustration. Once I’m getting consistent times at 15 will 6 hits, I’ll start shrinking the par. Then I’ll move the target back.

DTG 07/03/2013

  1. Dry fire reloads – 7 yards, decreasing par. Goal par set at 1.50 seconds
  2. Trigger control at speed – reset drill, 7 yards at wide open target. No par
  3. OHP 80lbs 3×5
  4. Squat 110lbs 3×5
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