Caption Contest Round 2 and Results

caption contest 2

Last week we had a caption contest. Because the photo was of Shelley Rae from SHOT Show, she was also the arbiter and judge of the captions. There were no winners. To be fair, at least one comment elicited a mild titter from me, but alas my gigglebox remains unkicked. So we’re doing it again! Caption contest rules: Caption this photo in a comment using either the FB comment machine or the comment system below. Comments must be posted before midnight pacific time on July 2nd. Winner gets a box of Hornady TAP .223 ammo.


  1. Hah! Now I can brag to the guys on the forums that it IS a good idea to nap wearing hearing protection and full gear!

  2. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, I sure can shoot your face off while I call life alert though!

  3. Stage 1 Scenario: You’re giving birth in British East Africa (Kenya) in 1961 when a number of armed Bantu tribesmen burst into the delivery room. Defend yourself and the midwife while still in the stirrups so that your baby can one day become the President of the United States of America.

  4. So what was the one comment that got a tiny titter from you on the other photo? I’m dying of curiosity.

  5. From the dirt porch of her formally mobile home this woman not only secures dinner for the young’ns but also scatters the wild dog pack that has been peeing on her prized hubcap collection.

  6. I realize the room rate was unbelievable, but still I am never using again…

  7. Just another day at the office ..


    Dam I nailed that shot … I just hope i can get back up ..

  8. Must… defend… bon-bons…



  9. I really should have moved my gun before I refinished the end table.

  10. I got this. I’ve nailed the hubby 100s of times with the super soaker from this position.

  11. This is going to stain my jeans, and I’m out of Wisk!
    Maybe a little Froglube will do the trick?

  12. Tequila shots the night before a match – bad idea.

    Man, the new IDPA cover rules just get sillier and sillier…

  13. When they said you could shoot your bedside table gun in competition, I doubt anyone thought you would actually be showing up with the bedside table attached to the gun.

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