Daily Training Goals #19

Goal Review for DTG 07/01/2013

Floor Press 115 lbs 3×5 – fail
Sumo deadlift 120 lbs 1×5 – fail
Draw to a 3×5 card at 7 yards, 40 reps decreasing par – fail
Transition drills, 2 inch dots 40 reps decreasing par – fail

Everything we do is a choice. Yesterday, I made the conscious choice to send invoices and monthly reports for the business instead of training. I could have gotten up a half hour earlier and dry fired, but I chose not to. No excuses – we live with the choices we make.

DTG 07/02/2013

  1. Draw fire 2 3×5 Card @ 10 yards (decreasing par) 12 reps
  2. iHack drill 4x at 5 yards
  3. Dot Torture at 5 yards
  4. 1 r 2 @ 10 yards (decreasing par) 12 reps
  5. Bill Drill 25 yards decreasing par (5 reps)
  6. Draw fire 2 8 inch circle @ 10 yards decreasing par 12 reps
  7. Run 5 miles or bike 10 miles
  8. Work mental training and focus statements back into live fire

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  1. See, again, I’m looking for the “like” button. Reality, reality….

    Interesting snippet interview on MSN yesterday with Michael Phelps where he addresses his alleged return. He notes, instead, he’s enjoying his life instead of training all the time.

    Good luck with today’s goal.

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