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ballistic radio

Ever find yourself mowing the lawn, working on your cardio, or watching the kids at the pool and wishing there was a decent gun-themed radio show/podcast you could listen to? Well wish no more, because now there’s ballistic radio, a gun-themed talk show that aspires to be a good informational resource. John, the host of Ballistic Radio, has managed to put together an incredible lineup of guests who have packed more useful guidance for the self-defense minded individual in a few shows than you’ll find extent on the whole of a number of forums I could name.

Everything from home defense to equipment selection to concealed carry is covered exceptionally well by John’s guests. Enough so that if someone approached me tomorrow asking for good advice on how to get started I’d send them the link and tell them to listen carefully to everything that was presented before making a firearms or training purchase…or before believing what they read on a blog, forum, or website.

In the latest episode, John interviewed “SouthNarc” whom some of you may remember from the series of articles I wrote up on his Extreme Close Quarters Concepts course late last year. (Sadly some of the content was lost to the hackers) While the podcast for that show doesn’t appear to be up at the time of this writing, it will probably be available on the show’s blog page shortly. I guarantee it will be worth the listen.

Other guests you may find particularly interesting are:

Tom Givens

Todd Green


Spencer Keepers (maker of “The Keeper” AIWB holster)

Lt. Chuck Haggard

…and even Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media.

In the very near future John has managed to wrangle up a number of great guests I’m eager to hear from. Just as a point of curiosity, note how a number of quality instructors have gone on Ballistic Radio and have freely shared useful information for free and contrast that to the hucksters out there who want to charge you, say, $100 bucks for a dryfire program.

I’m a sucker for efforts at putting good information out into the world, especially when it’s clear that they are a labor of love. Nobody involved with the production of the show is getting rich and the guests are on the show merely for the love of spreading useful knowledge. I listen every chance I get. I think you’ll get a great deal out of it, too.

Want to interact with the host of Ballistic Radio, pitch some topics for coverage on the show, or ask some questions for an upcoming guest? Well is actually hosting a dedicated sub-forum for Ballistic Radio where all of that is possible. Stop on by and say hello!


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