Daily Training Goals #1

This is going to be a recurring series here on Gun Nuts as I attempt to create a measure of accountability in my new training program. Each day I’ll post my daily training goals, and then the following day I’ll see if I hit them, and post that day’s goals. I want you guys to participate as well by sharing your training goals and successes in the comments.

Daily Training Goals 05/29/2013

  • Read Your Competition Handgun Training Program by Mike Seeklander – end of day
  • Lunchtime: Weight training (OHP and squat focus)
  • PM: Mental training, grip strength training

I’m going to be starting the Seeklander book in earnest as my training guide for the shooting sports; it says to read the whole book before you start, so in an effort to be a rules follower, I’m going to do just that. I have a tendency when training to look at other people’s programs and plug and play whatever I want into them. This time I’m going to follow the training plan as written, step by step.


  1. What does your mental training include? Do you use a “serious brain training” tool that employs the science of “neuroplasticity”?

  2. Seeklander does training in my area once year or so. I don’t know much about him. Caleb, do you think he would be someone worth taking a class from?

    1. I’ve known Mike for three years now, and I would rank him as one of the top instructors to take a defensive or competition pistol class from. His approach to shooting better is done from the POV of a “grinder”, someone who doesn’t have a natural talent and rather has had to work his ass off to get where he is. He takes a very analytical look at the shooting sports.

  3. I’ve read all of Ben Stoeger’s stuff over the last month or so, and got a lot out of it. In keeping with the things I got out of reading “The Slight Edge” [I HIGHLY recommend this book], I’m reading at least 10 pages a day from Brian Enos’ “Practical Shooting” book now. I’m also trying to get more consistent with doing dry-fire drills from Steve Anderson’s “Refinement and Repetition” every day as well. Two weeks of 3-4 times a week has already made a huge difference in my draw times…well, some of my draw times. I was in the “decent draw, decent draw, holy crap that was fast” cycle at a Steel Challenge match Sunday. But it’s slowly turning into something that just happens, instead of something I think about.

    Granted, the biggest obstacle to my training the last few days has been loading 2000 rounds for a class with Brandon Wright the next two days.

  4. Have you heard of, or read a book, called “With Winning in Mind”.

    Would consider it one of the best books for mental conditioning for shooting that I would recommend.

  5. BTW Caleb, thanks for the adult learning link. That looks like it might be very useful in my day job. Bonus points because I can justify reading it on the clock. If you’re shooting at the Carolina Cup this year, I’ll have to thank you with a glass of some nice whiskey during the awards ceremony.

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