GunUp Shop is here!

I’ve been working for GunUp now for going on 3 years; and through that time I’ve been party to some pretty amazing developments that have come because of innovation that we’ve driven. One of the goals has been for the longest time to make online gun sales easier for users, and we’ve taken the next step in doing that. Today GunUp launched the improved version of GunUp Shop putting our inventory of 300 guns right at your fingertips for online ordering.

gunup shop screen

I’m really proud of all the work that it’s taken to get us where we are. We’re selling guns, magazine ads, online ads – doing things in the industry that no one had thought one company could do. And the best part is that we’re just going to get better. I’m always welcome to ideas on how to improve and grow, so if you’re on GunUp Shop and there’s something you’d like to see, let me know by sending me an email at [email protected] – now go buy some guns!


  1. I’ve already made my first purchase. Pretty seamless process which is nice. Any plans to sell ammo?

      1. Excellent, I look forward to having the chance to grab some for the revolver I just bought from you 😉

  2. Any way to change how the products in the left column displays? It looks like it sorts from highest quantity to lowest. It would be a lot easier to have it in alphabetical/numerical order so you don’t have to scroll through dozens of calibers looking for “.40 S&W” or whatever.

    The site looks clean. Will give you guys a shot next time I am needing a gun.

  3. Site looks nice.

    About the categories though – you guys know that revolvers are pistols, right? If you can make a category tree, pistol would be the root, then make branches of revolver and semi-auto.

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