Blade-Tech Phantom IWB Holster

These days, I carry a Glock in a Blade-Tech Phantom IWB holster.  It seems that other awesome people have reached the same conclusion.  It’s crazy that for $20 you can get a holster that will out-last and out-perform 99% of the leather holsters on the market.  Blade Tech also makes their injection molded holsters for outside the waistband carry, and those run about $25.  I use one for USPSA and IDPA, and it will also outlast any leather holster on the market.  You can sew all the sharkskin/stingray hide on your leather that you want, but unless you’re buying a gun as a fashion accessory, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a leather holster when our plastic holsters are just better.


  1. The Phantom is a tremendous value. I have been using one to carry a G19 AIWB for a couple years now, and have been very pleased.

    For 3-4 o’clock carry I find my Milt Sparks VM2 to be more comfortable, but it cost way more than $20.

  2. As a Californian, I’m not sure I could buy anything from CTD. I’m not sure how any American could after their recent decisions and subsequent attempt at buying us all off with a $100K donation to the Second Amendment Foundation.

      1. Jeez, I feel like an idiot. It popped up on my front page and I didn’t even check the date. Sorry!

        1. No worries; for some reason WP treats some of the restored posts like they’re “new”. I don’t get it either.

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