1911s of my youth

When it comes to 1911s there seem to be two prevailing factions of people floating around the internet: those that love them and consider 1911s the end all be all of firearms and then those that think they are outdated and useless. I am in a third and seemingly less vocal faction that likes my simple M&P but thinks 1911s are cool. 1911s bring out the child in me and for a good reason, or even several good reasons:

They make awesome clicky noises

Just like in the movies. It’s very clear to me that every character in Hollywood is carrying a 1911 that is designed to look like a Glock and that’s why there are so many clicky noises every time they touch their gun. Dry firing a 1911 is one of the most audibly comforting activities I have encountered simply because of the level of clickiness involved.

They’re easy to accessorize

Call me girly but I love that I can make a 1911 look pretty much however I want to. The grip selection and selection of different parts makes me warm and fuzzy and reminds me of my teenage years wandering through Forever 21 trying to dig the nice looking grips out of the piles of gaudy, cheap ones.

They’re like Legos

You can build a 1911 to be whatever you want it to be, both inside and out. All the different parts available takes me back to the days when I couldn’t decide between the Indiana Jones playset and the Lego Death Star, and just like back in the day every once in a while it’s important to build Indiana’s Death Star just to see what happens when you combine the two. (I think Storm Troopers are afraid of snakes and Luke finds the Holy Grail in that movie.)

You don’t have to swear by 1911s but you don’t have to hate on them either. They’re fun guns: fun to shoot, fun to accessorize, fun to dry fire. As much as I love the simplicity of my M&P I love the 1911 platform for every bit of simplicity it lacks.

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