Zombie Targets

I like zombie targets.  I like that shooting zombies is culturally acceptable and often is something that draws new shooters to the range.  That being said, I saw a zombie target recently that made me facepalm.


Like I said, I like zombie targets. And I understand that zombie targets sell very well and people tend to enjoy shooting them.  I even like the idea of the “hostage situation” zombie target, because it gives someone the opportunity to practice a low probability shot with a non-threat target occluding most of the threat target.  I think that zombie targets give people a way to train on a semi-realistic silhouette in a non-threatening way to more politically sensitive types, and I think that’s awesome.

But did they really have to give her those cartoonishly large uhh…tracts of land?


  1. Last AR class I was in one of the “bad gal” targets was a tough looking lady with equally large tracts of land (props BTW for the MP&tHG reference) shooting around a corner. Instructor said generally every class hit that one more reliably than the others. And they weren’t head shots.

  2. Why do you always complain when a woman with large breasts is in anything gun related? Do you not like large breasts? Were you traumatized by large breasts as a young man? Do you find large breasts too squishy or somehow grotesque? How many times can I say large breasts?

    It certainly isn’t some invention of the firearms community to use large breasts to sell something, so what’s the big deal?

    It’s not like women with breasts that large do not exist or are somehow not worth saving. I can think of three women I know that fit this description and I find them very much worth saving from a zombie bite and not for their large breasts, but because they are wonderful people and are my friends.

    Cast off your preconceptions of large breasts Caleb, women with large breasts are just as human and wonderful as any other woman.

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