Federal 115 grain JHP special

Federal 115 grain JHP +P+
Federal 115 grain JHP +P+

Cheaper than Dirt has a great deal going on Federal 115 grain JHP +P+ ammo. ┬áThis is top of the line self defense ammo and at 17 bucks a box you should probably just go buy as much of it as you can right now before it’s gone.

Cheaper than Dirt is my major sponsor for shooting sports activities.


  1. I bought a few hundred rounds of this the last time CTD had it cheap. Good ammo and the bullet ogive means it’ll run it just about any gun.

  2. This ammo is an old design from like, the ’80s. The box is plain cardboard, doesn’t have any gold foil or even four-color printing. The word “tactical” doesn’t appear on it once! And it’s less than $20 for 50. Good ammo comes in boxes of 20 or 25, because you don’t have to use so much of it to get results. Plus, I’ve heard rumors that this ammunition will destroy your gun and make you sterile. You definitely should not buy any.

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