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Off body carry is never an ideal option, but for women carrying it is difficult enough that sometimes purse carry really is our best choice. You have to be very weary of your surroundings any time you’re carrying a gun in your bag. I, for one, hate having my personal bubble popped anyway. I won’t let people near me when I have a gun in my purse, I won’t put myself in a situation where I might be in a crowd and forced to stand near enough to people someone could snatch my purse. There’s a lot of forethought and a lot of considerations that need to be made before you should be comfortable toting your gun around in a bag. When it comes down to it, though, if the choice is between having to be overly protective of my purse and having no means to defend myself I will choose to have a way to defend myself every time.

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I have some good news for women who, like me, have found their options limited enough to purse carry. Not all of the holster purses in the world look like they were designed for by a bunch of confused men for your grandmother. I was lucky enough to stumble upon and received a couple items for review. I was very impressed, one purse is actually the bag I carry every day now, whether or not there’s a gun in it.

The smaller blue purse is my favorite of the two, if for no other reason than I love the color. It fits my Kimber perfectly and keeps all my junk organized. Even my Surefire flashlight, extra mags, knife and multi-tool. The brown one is fantastic because I can fit my M&P in there no problem. That’s 18 rounds of 9mm in my gun, 17 rounds in my extra mag and therefore 35 rounds of 9mm happy stored in my handbag, I didn’t realize you could fit that much awesome into a purse.

The interior design is clever, they have elastic holsters with velcro retention straps that are easy to remove. The holster itself fits a variety of sized guns. The one in the blue purse fits my Kimber Pro CDP II and my Sig P238 with its Crimson Trace Laser Guard both flawlessly. The larger one fits my M&P, the Sig Tac-Ops, my Kimber and the Ruger SR9c with ease. You have to plan ahead a little since the larger purses won’t fit pocket guns very well and the smaller purses aren’t going to fit full-size or competition style guns as well.

The pocket that the gun is stowed in also has a locking option. While this isn’t going to help if someone steals your purse it’s a great idea if you have children, if you’re at home and don’t want the kids getting to the gun while your purse is sitting on the kitchen counter just lock the pocket and stow the little key.

The material the bag is made out of is durable and the bags can hold a lot of weight. I carry around enough junk to and from the range that I can say with fair confidence these bags can handle pretty much anything you want to throw at them. Between hair straighteners and mounds of make up for photo shoots and eye and ear pro and mounds of ammo for range days I put most bags through their paces rather rapidly, and these bags haven’t even thought about showing wear much less breaking under stress. They will hold the weight of the gun, the ammo, a couple extra mags and whatever else you use for your day to day activities with ease.

If you decide to buy one of these fabulous purses our readers can get $10 off any one they choose just by entering the coupon code ShelleyS. Just remember to keep your bag close and your gun closer.


    1. You’re looking at the exotic fabric ones, most of them sit around $300. Apparently caiman crocodile skin is expensive… Who’da thought?

  1. You’re insane….$300+ for a purse with a built in holster is ridiculous, there are less expensive options out there.

    1. They’re obviously for a specific demographic and most of the good brands I’ve found out there run in the ~$350 range. Plus, they really are a designer brand, I paid less for my Coach bag and it doesn’t have a holster in it. It’s a matter of what you’re looking for, it’s like buying a pair of Arizonas or a pair of Sevens: sure, both work, but one has better fabric, will fit better and is going to last a lot longer.

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