I support Open Carry in Florida

I want everyone who advocates for open carry to go to Robb’s blog and watch the video he did with the local ABC affiliate.  That is how you advocate for open carry.  He looks like a normal dude, doesn’t shout about A RIGHT UNEXERCISED IS LOST, and he certainly didn’t wave a shotgun around.  Instead, he acted like a rational dude and made his points succinctly and intelligently.  And he even wore pants.

I support open carry – I don’t like having to dress around my gun to conceal it, and I would much prefer to simply wear my gun regardless of whether or not I needed to wear a jacket that day.  It is my hope that all of the open carry advocates out there will take a page from the Book of Robb – that is how proper activism is done, and in part it’s why the bill to allow open carry in Florida stands a good chance of passing.


  1. Open carry would mean I’d need to buy a different holster because suddenly retention seems more important. But that said I support the right to choose.

    Robb was very composed and articulate. More so than the Brady Campaign woman.

    It’s interesting they say the Wild West. The West was actually not very Wild. There was less violent crime in the west around the turn of the century than there is now. An armed society really is a polite society.

  2. Actually, to be honest, they *did* edit out the part where I jumped on the counter, fired 8 rounds into the ceiling and screamed ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED BITCHES!!!” but mostly because I was out of the camera frame.

  3. I’m a bit split on open carry. On one hand, I live in the Democratic People’s Republic of New York where if your shirt rides up too high, you become a felon. On the other hand with concealed carry people who carry/don’t carry are intermingled, which provides additional security for people who don’t carry.

    I know people who gamble with things like belt buckle holsters and paddle holsters, but I don’t dare risk it, especially in Rochester where the police department touts the slogan, “If you see a gun, call 9-1-1.”

  4. That is how you advocate for open carry.

    Let me make a slight revision.

    That is one way in how you advocate for open carry.

    It isn’t the ONLY way. And that seems to be too many people’s perception lately.

    Not sure if you meant it that way but it comes across as condemning any other method of advocacy.

    I think Robb’s interview and advocacy is very effective and will certainly help.

    Carrying a shotgun into a library or the Open Carry of pistol also will help.

    Let me ask you this — which method of advocacy got more people talking about Open Carry?
    Which one provided more opportunities for people to talk about how crazy the laws are?

    1. The only people talking about the shotgun thing were people already involved in the 2nd Amendment community. Robb’s video interview is roughly 1,000,000,000,000 times more effective than carrying a shotgun around and acting the fool.

      1. Caleb,

        Please support your exaggerations.

        I agree that Robb’s interview was effective, but that doesn’t mean it should be the only way, does it?

        There is a need for the extremists, whether some people want to admit it or not.

        I’m trying to point out, here and elsewhere, that we should stop throwing the Library Open Carry folks under the bus and start defending them.

        They gave a chance to point out the stupidity of the laws. Robb’s interview did that also, I’m not denying that.

        But just because someone doesn’t like a method of advocacy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t defend it.

  5. We have open carry here in PA, and other than hunting season most opt to carry concealed. It is nice to be able to take off your jacket in a restaurant or other place and not worry about it though.

    A question to ask is if open carry is so likely to have someone grab your gun and go on a shooting rampage, as the news guy suggests, then why to the majority of cops who regularly put themselves in the same places as violent criminals usually carry openly?

    How many cops have their guns taken in a given year?
    Not counting the ones they leave laying in an un-locked vehicle or public restrooms.

    1. If you’re going to use that argument, remember that police officers are trained in weapon retention and use appropriate holsters. Not everyone who carries openly is as well prepared for a grab attempt.

      1. I dislike that argument because not every cop is well prepared for a grab attempt either.

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