Precision Rifle

One of the shooting sports that I know very little about is long-range rifle shooting.  50 yards is a really “long-range” shot for what I do, so the concept of shooting stuff at 500 yards is completely alien.  Luckily, former Top Shot competitor and fellow GunUp Pro Staff member Kelly Bachand has a great article on what precision rifle is all about.


  1. As a hunter 100yds is my standard sight in range, and over 200 is too far under hunting conditions (in PA woods anyway) to even see! Longest I’ve ever shot has been about 400 yds (and I missed, cleanly) and that was across a plowed field.
    Did I mention it was also a Winchester 94 in 30-30 I was shooting?
    Picked the wrong day not to lug the 6.5 along!

  2. I have also shot groundhogs at 150 yds with that same Winchester 94 however, it really liked 110 grain varminter handloads I made for it. Never shot 150 gr bullets worth a damn though, best group was about 4′ at 100 yds with 150 or 180 grs, 110 gr would cloverleaf all day.
    Strange gun.

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