Gun Nuts Tonight: Top Shot Episode 4 interviews!

Major spoilers beneath the jump, so don’t hit the jump unless you’ve seen last night’s episode, Top Shot: Compound Bow.

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio, we’re pleased to welcome Maggie Reese from the Blue Team on Top Shot Season 2.  Well, let me be clear on that – I actually wish that Maggie hadn’t been eliminated; she was one of the people I was really pulling for on the show, and I’m bummed out as a fan to see her eliminated.

That being said, I am really looking forward to having her on the show tonight!  We’ll go live at 7pm Pacific time like we always do at to chat with Maggie about her experience on Top Shot.  This should be a great interview, so make sure you join us tonight at 7pm Pacific time at Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. Welp, I’m done watching the train wreck, then. Without Maggie, there’s no reason to watch anymore.

  2. One problem I really see with Top Shot’s formula is that you almost never get to see people at the top of their game.

    I mean, it’s kind of interesting seeing if the top pistol shooters in the world can learn to shoot a bow… but it’s not as interesting as watching them destroy a USPSA stage.

    By nature of the selection, half of the show is watching the person who is weakest with that weapon try to use it.

    I think the idea of making people be an expert in everything is cool, but I really wish they’d give them a little more chance to “show off” as it were, with what they are good at. Like make one of the early challenges like Multi-gun except for they get to pick who on their team shoots each weapon, so you can really see why people got onto the show.

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