The Mossberg Turkey Thug Line

Mossberg is really excited about the Turkey Thug line they unveiled at SHOT Show 2011.

The show itself is something I’ll probably choose to pass on.  I watched an episode online this morning and as someone who is neither a thug nor a turkey hunter I have determined that I am blatantly uninterested. (Also note: there are no cute guys.)  I will stick with Justified and Spartacus.

Mossberg’s shotguns though?  Those I care about.  I realized upon googling “Turkey Thug” that I am not the only one with this sentiment: the search results are mostly articles and blogs about Mossberg joining up with this show.  All that aside, let’s take a look at their guns:

The first model I have here is a 535 with a 13″ length of pull, a 20″ barrel, 5+1 capacity and a normal adjustable fiber optic sight.  Note that the 535s are light guns weighing in at only 6.75 lbs.

Then they have the same thing available, but with a scope.  I guess it makes sense for hunting, but I’m a skeet shooter and that just seems weird.

The next firearm is an 835, also with a scope but this time without the pistol grip.  I think if you need a scope you need a pistol grip but I have no logical explanation why.  It just seems that way.  The 835 has a 14.5″ length of pull and weighs a good half a pound more and is longer (not in barrel length, but in its entirety.)

Okay, now this one is cool.  This is a good ol’ fashioned 500 with no scope, just a set of fiber optic sights as shotguns should have, a set of full chokes, a 14.5″ length of pull and a 24″ ported barrel.  What’s funny to me is that this gun’s MSRP is a good $200 less than the others and it’s the one I’m the most excited about.  It’s simple and therefore effective and I’m a sucker for standard black finish.  If I could get this with the 535’s 13″ LOP and a pistol grip I would want one pretty badly.

At the end of it all I’m just not a hunter and I should probably go buy one of their Blackwater guns instead.


  1. I’m still waiting for info on the competition/tactical 930 they’re working on with Jerry Miculek and Benny Hill. If it delivers on it’s promise, it’s going to lower the barriers to entry of competitive 3 gun. No longer will $1200 Benellis with $900 of custom work rule the roost.

    1. I will keep my eye out for that, Jeff. The SPX is nice already, I’m curious to see what Jerry and Benny work it in to.

      On another note, I think a dead British comedian designing a gun would make for quite the three gun rig.

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