Gun Nuts Tonight: Top Shot Elimination Interview

Spoiler alert – if you have not seen last night’s episode of Top Shot, do not continue to read this post.  Go watch it at and then come back.

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio, we’re pleased to welcome Athena Lee from Top Shot Season 2.  Athena will be joining us live at 7pm Pacific time at to discuss her experience on the 2nd season of Top Shot, and some of the great comments she made in last night’s episode.

Athena is a champion USPSA shooter in Open Division, and I was disappointed to see her eliminated last night, since my default setting is to root for the USPSA guys.  That means now I’m rooting for Chris Tilley, Maggie Reese, and Brian Zins (not a USPSA guy, but Brian’s a friend).

Join me tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern live on Gun Nuts Radio for our chat with Athena Lee from Top Shot Season 2!


  1. OT: Caleb, how are meals handled? Did you cook for yourselves or are they catered?

    Thank you, Steve

  2. Thank you for changing the way you handled the Top Shot post-elimination headline. Much appreciated.

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