Chicks and guns

Gunsite Ladies Pistol 250 class.  The 250 class for the longest time was the Gold Standard of defensive pistol classes, and in my opinion every legit defensive firearms trainer owes a little bit to Gunsite.  It’s cool to see them running a ladies’ only version of the 250 class, and that more people are getting serious about their defensive shooting.


    1. Yes, other than the ones on the bottom in the blue using the Weaver stance, no one was using the Weaver.

      Women shoot Weaver? Thought that was disfavoured because of superstructural impediments.

      1. You must have learned a different Weaver than I did, because the woman in blue clearly has her body squared to the targets in both pics. In the next-to-last you can see her feet which are nowhere near “Weaver” position. In the last pic, she may not even have her grip on the gun yet, look at the spacing between her left index finger and her left middle finger. She either hasn’t gripped the gun yet, got a horrible grip on the gun, or someone told her it was more important to grip the bottom of the frame than the top. It’s because of her hand position that her left elbow is bent a bit, not any kind of Weaver-esque stance (which is why it is so less pronounced in the previous pic).

  1. While I understand the mentality and economic drive behind these “ladies only” courses, it still seems to me to be encouraging the misogyny already rampant in the firearms industry. I know there is reasoning, and to a certain extent necessity, in having separate training for women, but I don’t have to like it.

  2. “misogyny already rampant in the firearms industry”

    Where are you going to gun school?

    Misogyny? At Gunsite? Jeff Cooper’s school?

    Jeff Cooper had three daughters, who he taught to shoot, and was married to his from 1941 (married just after Pearl Harbor) until his death in 2006. Misogyny?

    Yes, in most gun classes there are few women (it was only an Awerbuck pistol class where they were half of the class) but the schools do women only classes in order to make women more comfortable not to isolate them into some pink ghetto.

    API/Gunsite started doing this decades ago and the second-generation instructors under Cooper who have started their own school, e.g. Clint Smith’s Thunder Ranch, have women only classes for exactly the same reason. Oh, btw, Clint Smith is married to a women who he loudly proclaims is a far better shot than he and any TR grad will tell you women, both students and instructors, are treated will respect (could be a Marine thing too).

    Where are these examples of misogyny in gun school that you claim?

    1. She said in “the firearms industry”, not at “Gunsite” or even “gun school”. She was actually lauding Gunsite for putting the class on so chill out, no one has insulted St. Cooper.

  3. There are obvious physical differences between men and women, a common complaint being that firearms require more upper body strength to wield effectively. As such, it makes sense that there’d be women only shooting classes with female specific instruction.

    In other “extreme sports”, ladies seem to have no trouble going up against the fellas… ice climbing, rock climbing, etc.

    On a sidenote, i wrote a entry on my blog about “Badass Women”, hope you don’t mind if i share it

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