1. I’ve been saying the same thing about AR’s!
    The PC crap is sickening at times, and while we are on the subject of what to call a gun I’d like to say that the “semi-auto” label has caused much confusion in the non-gunny circles.
    Most people just seem to see the Auto part and think it’s a machine gun, I think we should use the older (and actually more proper I think) term Self-Loading Rifle.
    As this more describes it’s function than saying it’s semi-automatic and completely avoids the Automatic term that most non gun people take to mean a machine gun.


  2. None of it matters, because the news is still going to refer to anything plastic that looks like what they saw in a movie as an assault rifle.

    Just look at how many people think teflon coated bullets pierce police vests and that glocks are high tech plastic weapons that can sneak through metal detectors.

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