Winchester SX3 Flanigun

Why, I do believe I’ve found my shotgun for if I get back in to 3-Gun competition.  Meet the Winchester SX3 Flanigun, the production version of the SX3 shotgun used by exhibition shooter Patrick Flanigan to break 11 hand thrown clay birds before they hit the ground.

It’s even red.  Winchester makes a shotgun that matches my signature red Comp-Tac holsters, and that’s just too awesome for words.  Plus, extended capacity competition magazine tubes are available for the gun, which bring the capacity up to 11+1.  While I believe I’m only allowed 8+1 in 3-Gun, it’s nice to know that I can build a 3-Gun ready shotgun for the cost of the gun and a magazine extension.  After that all I need is shell carriers, and I know where I can get some of those.

The Winchester SX3 Flanigun has an MSRP of $1400, but can be found for around $1000 in stores or online.  I’m not really a “shotgun” guy, but come one – a fire engine red shotgun that’s also basically good to go for 3-Gun?  It’s love at first sight.


  1. +1 on the Mark Otto shell holders for 3-gun. I use his chest plate that has 4 six-rounders velcroed on. On the shotgun, the Benelli M-2 dominates most divisions, with the FN SLP coming on based on their team shooting it and others trying it as a result. I paid $1800 for my M2 with work done on it by Benny Hill, Triangle Shooting Sports and it runs flawlessly. Nice thing about the Benellis, the plates between stock and action let you adjust cast, and drop; interchangeable butt pads let you change pull length. Fit is everything with a shotgun. Don’t let the red color lead you astray, make sure that thing fits first. You can paint a Benelli or SLP red if you have to.

  2. Guess I should have mentioned the Saiga in open. They are getting them to run reliably, I saw 5 or 6 at the Multi-Gun Nationals. Haven’t tried one yet, don’t know if I could shoot trap with it or not, or hit a stationary clay or plate.

  3. If you are sold on the red ok. But I think the FNH SLP MK I is pretty much the same gun but much better suited for 3 gun.

      1. What are you going to do with a 28 inch barreled shotgun?
        They do not offer the SX3 with an 18 inch or 22 inch barrel like they do on the FN SLP. I think that was what russel was trying to say.

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