1. What the author describes is all too common. Grown men running around trying to give the impression they are some elite operator. It’s quite pathetic. At my last steal shoot, the guy next to me changed out of his jeans and sneakers; he put on his 5.11 tactical pants and combat style boots. It’s a steal shoot. There is no movement and it’s on the grass or fine gravel.

    I just don’t get it., the whole tacticool movement.

  2. What’s a “steal” shoot? I’ve heard of “steel” shoots.

    Gun Nuts Media – where we also have jokes!

    1. I totally had that coming. Firefox grabs a lot but not the wrong word. I think there are places where they steal and shoot. But, those are not places we would want to visit.

  3. “go to the store dressed like that”

    Have you seen the toy aisles at Walmart?

    Man, you better go in with full gear, good intel, a thorough tactical plan, and be ready to rappel from the skylights ’cause there might only be one HotWheels 1968 green Camaro left on the shelf…

    It’ll take at least a three-person couch-potato tac-team to pull it off.

    BTW: If your belly mostly/completely obstructs your view of your boots when you stand and look down, like mine does – you ain’t no tactical elite!

    1. I have a green 68 Hot-wheels Camaro. That’s all I’m gonna say in response to this. Now, if you don’t mind I need to go strap on my molle gear, I’m running low on groceries.

      1. Caleb, Mall Ninjas will resent your comment as they are at least two steps above Walmart Ninjas in the tactical organizational/hierarchy chart.

  4. Back in my sophomore year in HS there was a kid in my class that wore a black tactical vest to class (complete with empty mag pouches).
    He had the foresight to hide it underneath a flannel shirt most of the time, though.

      1. My single plate setup (in a SKD-Pig carrier, it’s really nice) can take .308 easy. I have my titanium bonded nanogel honeycomb overplates for when I may be engaging hostiles using .50 SLAP.

  5. Funny thing. All the Iraq/Afghanistan Vets on my Campus seem to wear jeans, t-Shirts, hooded sweats, sneakers and ball caps. You’d never know they were Tacticool except for the smirk on their faces when they hear the Lefties bitchin about the War. That, and the fact that they have their heads on a swivel, even after leaving the Sandbox a couple of years ago. Of course, those of us who are smart don’t inquire why their schoolbags seem a little larger than normal, and seem to have more stuff in them than necessary. What one doesn’t know, one can’t testify….

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