1. I’m a little puzzled by the fact that they say they’ll mail the gun right back to you after repairing it. Since I live in Virginia and they are in Maryland, I didn’t even think it was legal for them to ship it directly to me.

    1. At the federal level, it’s legal for gunsmiths and repair shops to ship guns directly to the consumer; although Maryland may have their own weird laws.

  2. Ironically, Ruger gets a ton of flak for their recalls. But they were over relatively minor issues.

    The SR9 was probably more drop safe than a lot of firearms. And I am not sure anyone but Ruger reproduced the situation. But they still fixed it.

    Beretta, Sig, S&W have all had recalls. Many for failed safety issues that can result in firing.

    I am of the opinion I should never drop my firearm. Drop safety is an extra safety option. The moving of a safety switch should NEVER trigger a discharge.

    Ironically, these other companies avoid flak by being quiet about their recalls (oops, sorry Sig, I mean “mandatory upgrade”).

    *tsk tsk*

    I think it’s time we lay off Ruger, and commend them for taking a higher road.

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