Type the words “Jerry Miculek wins” can get very boring sometimes, because anymore it’s news when he doesn’t win whatever match he’s entered in.  That being said, USPSA Multi-Gun is a different animal from revolver competition, but Jerry’s won lots of 3-gun titles before, and so his winning the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals shouldn’t come as a shock.  Reading the press release, it sounds like this was a great match, as the lead changed hands several times before Jerry finally sealed the deal and then held off last year’s champion, Michael Voight through a tough match.

All kidding aside, congratulations to Jerry on his bajillionth National Championship!  He’s truly one of the legends of the sport, and if we had a Hall of Fame he’d be a lock for a first ballot induction.  Congratulations to everyone who shot this year’s multi-gun nationals and again congratulations to Jerry Miculek for his win for Team S&W!


  1. I think that would make an interesting new post: who would you put in the shooting hall of fame?

    Leatham, Enos, and Miculek are the first 3 to come to mind.

    1. Oh definitely, those guys would be locks. But you’d also have to look at other disciplines and past shooters as well, guys like Ed McGivern and Herb Parsons.

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