357 sig penetration

That showed up as a pretty popular search term today.  I’ll give you a hint: not significantly different than a 124 grain +P 9mm, a 165 grain .40 S&W, or a 230 grain .45 ACP.  And definitely not enough of an improvement to justify the additional cost on magazines and ammo because you want to be like the Secret Service.


  1. Does 357 SiG require special magazines?

    The factory mags for my .40S&W P229 are labeled for both .40 and 357 SiG.

    I think if you’re paying extra for special mags for a pistol that is also available in .40, you’re getting taken for a ride.

  2. Pffft. It’s not ’cause I want to be like the SS. It’s ’cause I want to be like the FAM. And the mags are the same for .40 and .357 sig so 😛

  3. It is a fun round to shoot, without crossing the line of the abuse of shooting Robb’s favorite round, the .40 Super.

  4. The only gun I’m aware of (Sig) that requires different mags between the 40 and .357sig is the SigP239 as the mags have different lips on the magazines and a slightly different follower. 226/229/2022 all share mags between the calibers.

  5. The .357/.40 in the P250 also share the same mags..and the same slides. Just a barrel switch..

  6. This has been the subject of recent discussions between me and a couple of trainers I know. This is what one of them calls a G&T question, meaning that as long as you’re feeding him Gin and Tonic’s (he’s originally from the UK,) he’ll entertain the discussion. No one of us will really argue that, above caliber, shot placement is not still king. That being said, the sheer velocity of the 125gr hollow point loads in the 357 Sig and Rem Mag in actual shootings, by all accounts have a ‘lightning bolt’ effect on a bad guy. Penetration is more with the Sig than the traditional Rem Mag, simply due to bullet construction, which will please some and terrify others, depending on which camp they’re from. Particularly impressive are the ballistic results of the round as shot through the Glock pistols, because of the semi-polygonal rifling. I’m not a ‘Glock Guy,’ personally. Neither do I hate them. It’s still an easier gun for most, with that level of power, than the old wheelie, which, incidentally, is one of my personal favorites. That, coupled with the extra capacity (maybe not required, but certainly not detrimental either) and enhanced recoil control and concealability of the mid- or even full-sized Glock, and you’ve got a compromise that is certainly a compelling option. A .40 or .357 to 9mm conversion barrel is available for the Glock pistols from a couple of well-heeled sources for just over $100 as well, making practice somewhat more affordable. My last thought, just to stir up some controversy, is that the Sig pistols, while hyper-accurate, and very finely crafted, do not handle the recoil with nearly the civility of the Glock, exhibiting noticeably more muzzle rize, and with a slower attained velocity, they do not seem to be an equitable compromise. Others may disagree.

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