Feed your children well

It’s apparently 1911 day today.  Ladies and gents, don’t buy crappy magazines for competition or personal defense guns.  I could write another 700 or 800 words just on that, but bottom line the majority of malfunctions in modern semi-automatic pistols are caused by the magazine.  Get good magazines.

You can also buy crappy magazines, because everyone should practice malfunction clearance drills, but if you shoot a “public domain” platform like an AR15 or 1911, buy good quality magazines for serious work.  I can’t tell you how many malfs I’ve seen at matches in 1911 that are 100% the fault of the gun-show special mags and were eliminated when the shooter switched to Chip McCormick/Metalform/Wilson Combat magazines.

Oh, and to answer your question – I use Chip McCormick mags exclusively in my 1911s chambered for .45 ACP.


  1. Honestly, with 1911s it pays to test your guns. I have a bunch of McCormick mags, but my 1911 doesn’t really like them. But it loves Novak/Act mags. Go figure.

  2. Yeah, that’s a stipulation I should have made. Find the mag that works with your gun, since all 1911s are not created equal and then buy a pile of those.

  3. CMC Power Mags are my full-size fave. Wilson for the Colt CCO though, it didn’t like CMC mags.

    Midway has CMC mags on sale for a good price many times during the year.

  4. And a general rule of thumb across all firearms:
    Stay away from Pro-mag.
    Seriously..the only company that can actually screw up an AK mag.

  5. I’m going to agree with the importance of testing. As a new shooter, I went out and bought a bunch of Wilson mags on a friend/mentor’s recommendation, only to find out my 1911 hated them. Sold them at a loss, went out and did some testing, and ended up using Tripp CobraMags, which have run flawlessly. I imagine the opposite has happened too.

  6. +1 to Jeff. Chip Mags caused the only non-limp-wristing malfs in my S&W1911s (Some days you just have a flinch to beat the band!)

    Wilsons fixed that right-proper, its all I use!

  7. I secone staying away from Promag, I have yet to get one that actually works.

  8. My Springfield Armory 1911A1 likes Wilson Combat 8 rounders.
    I still use the factory mag at the range but it occasionally fails to feed.
    I think the second biggest 1911 problem is extractor tension.
    I got a sweet deal on my virtually new 1911 because the previous owner said it kept jamming. For $200 I took a chance and found the extractor was way too loose.
    Dunno if it was a factory problem or the guy dropped rounds into the chamber and slammed the slide down on it to bend it out of place but a half hour of adjustments and checking and it runs great now.

    You guys who shoot guns with spring loaded extractors don’t know what you are missing out on with a 1911!

  9. pdb,

    I never have to wonder about what magazines to buy my Glocks. 😉

    Try USA metal ones! They work great! ‘Cause a Glock runs with everything you put in it! Tommy Lee Jones told me so!

    😉 :p

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