It's the little things

I think I’m in love with my CTAC.  On Saturday, I was working at an outdoor event that required occasional bursts of rapid movement.  Through the entire event I was wearing my Ruger SR9c in my CTAC holster, and not once did it shift or require me to re-adjust its position.  My only concealment was a white, untucked polo shirt, and with a decent sized crowd milling about, not a one of them noticed the gun.  I’ve had a lot of holsters, and I can honestly say that the CTAC is the first IWB holster I’ve had that I would recommend without reservation to anyone.  This really is a phenomenal rig.


  1. I checked out the differences as best I could online between ctac and crossbreed and it looks as though ctac is more quality orientated and offers more options than crossbreed.

  2. In my experience, the IWB with clips outside the body of the gun is the best concealment holster concept going.

    The only way I see that opinion changing is if I get rid of some excess weight and try AIWB.

  3. I have the Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC IWB, Minotaur Gladiator OWB, and kydex reinforced belt. All are top notch quality. I am tempted to get the CTAC as well, but at this point it would make more sense to get some more kydex shells to fit my other pistols rather than any new holsters.

    I enjoy testing a new holster or accessory almost as much as I enjoy a new firearm.

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