1 down, 4 to go

The first notch in the proverbial gun belt is officially notched.  As of yesterday I am officially (and finally) and Enhanced Service Revolver Master (of evil).  That’s pretty cool, and it’s rewarding to see a year’s worth of practice and shooting pay off in the advanced classification.

This also forms a nice dovetail for the Quest for Master Class – the first piece is now posted at Downrange.TV, which explains the purpose of the Quest and details the equipment that we’re going to be using.  Head over to DRTV to check out the beginning of The Quest for Master Class!


  1. Thanks! I’m doing ESP and SSP next, with the support of Ruger and the donation of the SR9c. You can follow the progress at http://www.downrange.tv each week; after we get these done we’ll move to CDP and then close back with SSR.

  2. Actually next is going to be “Chasing 1900”, where I build a gun for Bianchi production division and try to crack 1900 with it. That will probably be the hardest thing I ever try!

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