1. It’s kind of telling that the SOF guys that can use the 5.56 SCAR instead of the M4 still use the M4. The SCAR that actually gets used is the SCAR Heavy in 7.62.

    But yeah, the real way to fix the M4 is to stop issuing M855 and go with a better antipersonnel round. You know, like the Marines finally did.

  2. Good point, Jeff. I have seen a bunch of field photos of US GIs packing SCAR-17s, but I can’t recall seeing anybody rocking the SCAR-16 in the sandbox. Just various M16s, M4s, and the Occasional H&K416

  3. Better.

    Dump the carbine uppers, except for guys who actually need, you know, CARBINES, and give 20″ uppers to 90% of the troops.

    Bonus points if you just stop issuing M855, except in belts, and hand the riflemen M193 as their standard load.

  4. XM-8 outpreforms M16 /M4 allround and is many times more reliable in desert enviroment.The plastic melting has been fixed ,if you go that way you could just as easyli claim that M4/M16 barrels twist and reciever and bolt sieze up + gst tube melts with high rund conditions

  5. Yeah, Mat, bringing back the 45 year old Stoner design (also used by teh UK, who can’t get it to work right, even WITH HK spending over $30 million on fixes) to replace the 55 year old Stoner design is going to magically solve the issue at hand. . .

    Which was the limits of the 5.56x45mm round as a LONG RANGE cartridge.

    Yeah, spending about a half a BILLION dollars on replacing one 5.56x45mm platform with another (one of them with about 40 years of CONTINUOUS desert service by an army that miraculously thinks it’s even better than a Kalashnikov derivative THEY BUILD. . . the other being an R&D program based on an operating system that has not YET been successfully employed by a large military in real service in 45 years) will somhow make the Magic Ballistics Faeries wave their littel wands and make 55 and 62 grain bullets hit at 800 meters like a .30-06 would at 400 meters.

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