Jessie Abbate signs with Team Smith & Wesson

Breaking news of the “oh snap” variety from The Outdoor Wire: Jessie Abbate has signed with Team S&W.

Professional shooter Jessie Abbate has signed with Team Smith & Wesson. Ending months of speculation, Abbate joins a multi-disciplined team of experienced professional shooters. Abbate is considered by many to be the rising star in the shooting sports and is expected to take women’s shooting to a new level.

S&W basically just went all “Yankees” on the rest of the shooting sports with this – talk about buying championships!  With Julie Golob, Jessie Abbate, and Kay Miculek they now have the most impressive “Triple Threat” in the women’s shooting sports.  Smith and Wesson were already well on their way to being the most dominant force in the force in the shooting sports, and this move solidifies that.  Jessie has been the big star in recent matches, and with Smith & Wesson’s commitment to the shooting sports backing her up, then everyone else needs to watch out.

What will really interest me out of this is how the other gun companies react.  Will FNH pit Tasha Hanish head to head against Jessie in Limited or Production?  How will Glock and Sig react?  I guess we’ll find out!


  1. Im very happy for her, but sad at the same time. Personally i’m a huge Glock fan, and will prefer to see her rocking a Glock 34 like she use to. Can’t wait to se her now against Randy Rogers!

  2. As an M&P shooter, I’m happy to see S&W add another top pro to the lineup. During the speculation of where Jessie would land, Smith always seemed the top choice.

    Their support of the shooting sports is one reason over half of my handguns are Smiths. The others being their support for shooters here in MA, how well I shoot the M&P, and the breadth of their product line.

  3. Was there ever a reason given for her departure from Glock. Was it her Idea their Idea? And if their idea what were the thinking?

  4. Her departure from Glock was entirely professional and business related as I understand it; sort of like a free agent in the NFL.

  5. I’m actually very interested if somebody who’s done a LOT of Glock-Rockin’ might suddenly have trouble switching to the different grip angle of the M&P.

    That’s one of the big reasons why I don’t have a glock, for all their good, they simply don’t point well for me because my body is used to a 1911 grip angle.

    Wonder if this translates to the pros.

  6. She shot a 1911 at the recent Area 6 Championships, so I don’t think it will affect her very much. At a certain skill level, it doesn’t really matter what you’re shooting any more as it all becomes the same motions. Jessie is definitely at that level.

  7. I am a Smith & Wesson man. 90% of my firearms are Smith’s. I am also a huge Jesse Abbate fan. Now that she is joining the super squad at S&W I think her shooting will get even better. Teaming with Julie Golob and Kay Clark Miculek, two of the most dominate female shooters in the sport, it can only make Jesse a better competitor. And boy is she a competitor!

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