S&W Bodyguard revolver ambidextrous cylinder release

Up close and personal view.

From NRA 2010

I actually played with this at the NRA Annual Meetings, and I can honestly say it’s not that different from where the cylinder release is normally located. For a right handed shooter, you can still reach up and quite simply hit it with your strong hand thumb – the real difference is for left handed shooters. I actually hope to see this release appear on more S&W revolvers outside of the Bodyguard series.


  1. I honestly have a hard time seeing how this is even remotely useful on a revolver. Unless you can make the cylinder swing out on the other side as well, it doesn’t really seem to help the left-handed shooter out much.

  2. +1, I fiddled with it, and didn’t like it. I have no need for one, and it doesn’t bring anything to the table for me.

    Now Chiappa with their little 6-shot Rhino Snubbie in .357….do WANT!

    That’s different done right!

  3. The real reason the lever is up at the top of the frame is to make room in the guts of the revolver for the laser’s internal parts.

    I actually have no problem with the ambi release, but I’m not going to trade in my j-frame for one of these any time soon.

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