2010 Single Stack Nationals results

The shooting is all done at the 2010 Single Stack Nationals, and the results are in.  Coming in first place for the umpteenth time is Rob Leatham – I believe this is his 16th win at the Single Stack Championships, showing the kind of dominance with a 1911 in his hand that Jerry Miculek shows with a revolver.

Ladies’ National Champion is Julie Golob, who secured another national title for Team Smith & Wesson.  She’ll be joining me tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio to talk about her win at the Single Stack Nationals as well as the guns and gear she used to get to the podium.

Here are Top 10 shooters from the 2010 Single Stack National Championship!

  1. Rob Leatham
  2. Taran Butler
  3. Phil Strader
  4. Todd Jarrett
  5. Shannon Smith
  6. B.J. Norris
  7. Glenn Shelby
  8. Manny Bragg
  9. Eric Fuson
  10. Bill Filiaga

The Women’s Top 5 break down as follows:

  1. Julie Golob
  2. Sara Dunivin
  3. Kippi Leatham
  4. Nancy Huspek
  5. Tori Nonaka

Congratulations to all the shooters who competed at the recent match – and of course to the winners.  It looks like the contingent of shooters from my home range at Atlanta Conservation Club had solid finishes within their classifications as well!  It’s also interesting to note that BJ Norris once again placed in the Top 10 of the Nationals shooting minor power factor, which while you’re allowed to load two more rounds per magazine scores lower on hits outside of the A-zone.  He’s definitely keeping the debate open about whether or not minor power factor is viable in Single Stack!