British sniper sets new record

Corporal Craig Harrison set a new record for longest confirmed kill in Afghanistan with two hits at over 8,000 feet with a .338 Lapua rifle.  As impressive as that is, it’s also not the most badass thing that Cpl. Harrison ever did – he also had both his arms broken in an insurgent attack, then after only six weeks in recovery returned to the front lines to keep fighting.

I give England a hard time – but at the same time they have such men as these, maybe not all hope is lost.


  1. All the British soldiers I’ve met/seen over here in Iraq are big badass mofos. I didn’t realize such a wimpy society could assemble a top-notch force comprised of quite a few huge scary dudes. And none of them have bad teeth either. And they don’t drink tea all the time.

    Seems some of those stereotypes might not be right… at least for British soldiers.

  2. The badass ones probably all have a bit of Scottish ancestry.

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