RangeMaster and Pistol-Training.Com raise over $1700 for St. Jude Children's Hospital

That’s right, at the recently concluded RangeMaster conference, the Pistol-Training.Com Charity FAST competition raised over $1700.  This money will be donated towards furthering childhood cancer research, proving once again that guns (and good people) do in fact save lives.  It looks like a lot of fun was had at the RangeMaster conference as well; Rob Pincus demonstrated the newest tactical concept – the rolling reload!

In all seriousness though I love seeing this kind of stuff.  It’s great to see the firearms community getting involved with mainstream charities – whether it’s Julie Golob’s special edition M&P pistol for breast cancer research, or Pistol-Training.Com and RangeMaster donating money to St. Jude I would love to see more involvement from the firearms community in “traditional” charities.

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