USPSA Single Stack Championships

Good luck to all the shooters in Paso Park this weekend who are shooting the Single Stack Nationals!  It looks like it’s going to be a great match – just from reading the list of registered competitors the shooting is going to be fast and furious.  There are couple of names that fans of action shooting may recognize:

  • Manny Bragg
  • Taran Butler
  • Matt Cheely
  • Julie Golob
  • Todd Jarrett
  • Doug Koenig
  • Rob Leatham
  • Kippi Leatham
  • BJ Norris
  • Dave Olhasso
  • Phil Strader

Any one of those guys (and ladies) could walk away with a match win and the Single Stack Nationals certainly brings out the top tier of competitors.  You’ll also see Michael Bane at the 2010 Single Stack Nationals – I hope he crushes his category and division!  Finally, a couple of my friends from Indiana are going to be up there.  Good luck to fellow shooters from Atlanta Conservation Club Jim Barbour, John Alley, and Bill DeZarn!  Shoot fast and make us proud!

I’ll be bringing you as much coverage as I can of the 2010 Single Stack Nationals starting on Thursday.  Good luck to everyone shooting!


  1. “Any one of those guys (and ladies) could walk away with a match win ”

    I know who I’m betting on. 😛

  2. It’s not that far from Springfield, but I can’t even get over there this weekend to help out.

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