Gun Nuts Radio with George Hill

Did you miss the live broadcast of last night’s Gun Nuts Radio with George Hill of MadOgre.Com?  Have no fear, as the episode can be easily downloaded by clicking this link.   George was a great guest, and has a near encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and politics.  Just getting a chance to talk to one of the original gun bloggers was a neat opportunity for me.  In addition to running MadOgre.Com, George is also one of the founders of Crusader Weaponry – but most importantly he’s running for State Representative in Utah’s 55th District.  You can support his campaign with a donation at VoteGeorgeHill.Org.

You can listen to a streaming version of last night’s Gun Nuts Radio or click here for a .mp3 copy of the show.  As always, the show is available for Apple fans on Caleb Giddings - Gun Nuts Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed - Gun Nuts Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed for free. iTunes and iPod/iPhone users can use the iTunes link to subscribe to the show and automatically receive all of our show updates.

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