It's going to be a little quiet

Starting tomorrow, it will be a little quiet around here for a bit.  Don’t worry, I’m not pulling a KdT and leaving the internet forever and ever (until I come back), but rather for the next month-ish I’m going to be pursuing an opportunity which prevents me from blogging for a bit.

I’ve got a couple of excellent guest posts lined up from my buddy Jay at the Firing Pin Journal, as well as a series of short, twitter-esque posts of some of my favorite quotations scheduled to go up during my temporary hiatus.

When I come back on the other side of April, expect Gun Nuts to hit the ground running, as we’ll be ramping up towards the big Honored American Veteran’s Afield Benefit Auction, some major match coverage, as well as some very cool announcements about the future of Gun Nuts Media!

See you in April!



  1. Phil beat me to it. Kim commented right after me once on Hog on Ice. It was intarw3bz nirvana. If anyone recognizes these references we all may have to check into rehab and learn Morse Code as a form of decompression therapy.

  2. So both on the Podcast and the blog you just say that your going away but cant tell up what your doing. I assume this to mean that you got selected for Americas Top Shot. In which case SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETT look forward to watching it, but we will miss you.

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