Competition ready revolver package

So you want to shoot a revolver in competition shooting, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money?  Here’s a simple, competition ready revolver package that will allow you to compete and actually be competitive in multiple games using one gun and one set of gear.

The Gun: Smith & Wesson 686SSRchambered in .357 Magnum, this gun combines some of the Performance Center features with a “Production” price.  When using .38 Special loads, this is a great gun for IDPA Stock Service Revolver and ICORE Retro division with Comp-III Speedloaders.  Upgrade to a light .357 Magnum load for major scoring in USPSA, and while you’ll probably not beat the top notch revolver guys with moonclip guns, with enough practice you’ll not be at a total disadvantage.  The light weight and fast sights make this gun excellent for Steel Challenge Revo division as well.

The Holster: Blade Tech StingRay Belt Holster 

This is approved for IDPA competition, and with the addition of the drop-offset attachment for an additional 10 bucks because a wicked fast holster for ICORE/USPSA/Steel Challenge.  I use one of these holsters exclusively on my competition guns.

The Belt: Blackhawk Instructor’s Gun Belt – again, this is the belt I use in competition.  It’s 1.75 inches wide, and sturdy enough to support an N-frame revolver and 8 moonclips full of .45 ACP ammo, so it will carry the little 686 quite handily.

Speedloaders and pouches: While I’m personally having some trouble with mine, the Safariland Comp-IIIs are far and away the choice for competition shooting.  When paired with (another) Blade-Tech Speedloader holder, it can’t be beat.

Not counting the gun, which can be found at retail for around $760, the rest of the gear costs you less than $200 once you purchase everything.  While that seems like a lot, to be able to get in and be seriously competitive for less than $200 is a pretty good deal, especially since you’re able to use the same rig across three or four disciplines.

As a matter of fact, I like this rig so much that I own everything in here, bought and paid for with my own money.

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  1. A four inch, six round stainless L frame: woo hoo! There went all the excuses not to shoot. No caliber worries, no finicky feeding problems, a handgun that can serve a lifetime. My Smiths (K’s and L’s) were dry fired a million times without a problem, my sight alignment was cleaned up, my trigger control greatly improved and the groups tightened up. No, I don’t work for a gun maker.

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