Training Day

Today’s Guest Post is from Jay at the Firing Pin Journal.

Training is a regular part of a “Gun Nuts” life for several reasons. Clearly becoming more proficient in the use of the selected firearm is job number one but there exists another reason many will admit in private. It’s fun.

Standing and shooting at a stationary target downrange can be enjoyable for a while but often it isn’t enough. Soon the desire for variety creeps in and the gun owner looks at tactical shooting as a superior way to expand the knowledge base and add more excitement to training.

One example is to make every round fired count for something. There are no lazy rounds. For every round fired there should be reward and penalty. If you make contact with the target in a predetermined, difficult location, you get to continue firing. If you miss you pony up 25 cents into a jar and must reshoot the target until the previous miss is a hit.

What do you do with the money you have collected? If you involve friends it can add up to a fairly significant amount. Donate it to your favorite gun rights organization or a charity. This makes every round count for something, which it should, whether in competition or in self defense.

Jay, Firing Pin Journal