Harley Davidson of Bloomington stands up for gun owners

From Bloomington, Indiana – home of the Herald Times’ gun owner database comes the following great news. The local Harley-Davidson dealership, one of the advertisers on the Herald Times’ website has decided to put their money where their mouth is:

“Harley-Davidson of Bloomington believes in freedom and is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights … We believe the decision of the Herald-Times, a valued business partner, to publish a searchable database of gun permit holders in the state of Indiana by street, is an unnecessary and dangerous practice.”

The condemnation in itself is great, but here’s the part that makes me proud…and that makes me want to head down to Bloomington and pick up a 2009 Sportster Iron 883.

Update: if you saw this post when it went up yesterday, it mentioned a promotion that the Harley dealership was going to run with a local gun shop, where if you bought a Harley, you’d get a free gun. That promotion was cancelled by Harley corporate, but not because it was firearm related. Rather, Harley doesn’t allow cross-brand promos of any type.

Harley-Davidson of Bloomington is taking a stand for gun owners in Indiana. Regardless of the actions of HD corporate, the Bloomington dealership understands and respects the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms.

My hat is off to Harley of Bloomington for standing up for their employees, and for gun owners across Indiana.


  1. As I’m from Texas I haven’t really been able to have a dog in this fight very effectively. These Harley guys are awesome and I salute them! I hereby make the following commitment: When I buy my next Motorcycle, it’s going to be from them. I will travel there just to make sure I support people like that. I’m getting ready to send them an email telling them so too. Bravo Bloomington Harley!

  2. I like motorcycles. They make all kinds of activities seem sane and safe in comparison.

    Good on the dealership for pulling their ad – here’s to the local auto dealers doing the same. That should put paid to this nonsense.

  3. Yeah, I found out that Harley Corporate had cancelled the promotion after I published the post. I’ll issue a correction tomorrow when I’ve got some more free time.

  4. Intersting how H-D loves to use the “freedom” stuff to sell their bikes, but when it comes down it, H-D corporate has NO BACKBONE. I’ve bought my first and LAST Harley….next one will be a BMW.

  5. To clarify — Harley-Davidson has a corporate policy that don’t allow for cross promotions with products that aren’t H-D. It’s not unreasonable or unheard of, and has nothing to do with the gun factor.

    Harley-Davidson of Bloomington took a stand for gun owners and that’s awesome.

  6. That’s too bad. I’ll not hold it against Harley of Bloomington though, their heart was certainly in the right place.

    It did bring more attention to the issue, the more the better and I think that helps with the possibility of getting that database closed off. That’s truly the course of action that needs to be taken as the HTO & INDYSTAR are both within their rights to do what they are doing even though it is wrong and they’re major d-bags for doing it.

  7. Great job guys! Too bad corporate isn’t onboard with the promotion. Maybe, as others have suggested, HD should partner up for commemorative Made-in-the-USA handgun!

    I hope the dealership did pull their ads from the paper. Newspapers are a nearly dead medium anyway!

  8. I agree with supporting HD Bloomington for standing up to the Bloomington Herald Times. I sent a letter to the editor myself. The entire town of Bloomington seems to be die hard Libs. Look at their “Fair Haired Boy” John Mellencamp. Talk about cry baby Liberal.

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