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Armed American Radio last night, have no fear – it’s available for download!  I was on in hour 2 and 3 of the show with the host Mark from US Concealed Carry Magazine as well as Rob Pincus, former Gun Nuts Radio guest and host of The Best Defense and (starting next week) Swat Magazine TV!  Download Hour 2 here, and here’s Hour 3 of Armed American Radio.

We obviously talked about the whole thing with the paper in Bloomington, and my appearance on Fox News opposite Dennis Henigan.  Dennis earned the coveted Bonehead of the Week Award for his less than inspiring performance comparing gun owners to criminals and sex offenders.

Rob spent some time talking about his new show on the Outdoor Channel which I’m very excited for: SWAT Magazine TV.  SWAT Magazine is one of the best gun rags out there and from what Rob was saying about the show in hour 3 of last night’s Armed American Radio, it’s going to be good.  They take a look at tactics and training for America’s high-speed low-drag teams and how they apply and don’t apply to the armed citizen.  It will also feature profiles of their guest instructors, giving you an insight into what makes the Louis Awebucks and Ken Campbells of the world tick.

Again, if you’d like to hear hour 2 and 3 of Armed American Radio, hit those links people!


  1. Not on the air, no – we just didn’t have the time to dive into his lies. However, they were solidly refuted here at Gun Nuts and elsewhere.

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