Fobus GP100 Holster

I had no idea this even existed, but apparently FobusUSA makes a version of their Evolution Holster for the GP100.  I haven’t used a Fobus holster for quite some time, however I have heard anecdotally that on the newer Evolution series holsters they have corrected the issue with the plastic shearing off around the metal rivets.  I don’t have any knowledge of that, but it would be interesting if they had.

The advantage of Fobus holsters is that they make holsters for models of firearms that are not necessarily commonly available; that being said I don’t currently own any Fobus holsters.  Fobus has never given me anything, and all the Fobus holsters I’ve ever used I bought and paid for with my own money.  I’m kind of curious about the GP100 holster though, because the GP100 is such a heavy gun it might be neat to see how well it carries in the Fobus, if it can distribute the weight well.


  1. I’ve been using that exact holster on pins for over a year, and recently small local IPSC shoots. It works good, carries comfortably, is as easy as you’d expect to draw and reholster, but it does sometimes jump a notch in the roto adjustment.

    I also have a Fobus roto for my EAA Witness, which has the same small problem, but I haven’t been using that pistol lately, in favor of my 1911. For that I have an Uncle Mike’s kydex paddle with limited angle adjustment, secured by two screws.

    I have not seen any of the shearing problem you describe with either of my Fobus holsters.

  2. I love (love love) Ruger revolvers, but if I was going to carry a GP-100 I would want a pack mule.

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